It's time to start decorating our homes for the holidays, and Olney's has got you covered!  We've once again (second year in a row!) grown our own poinsettias, starting in late July.  They are just beautiful and are ready for their debut in the gift shop in late November. 

There is a full range of colors: reds, whites, pinks, and several fun variegated types.
  • Ice Crystal is a peachy-pink flecked with darker hot pink specks.
  • Red Glitter is a rich red flecked with white, occasionally with large white sections.
  • Ice Punch is a hot pink to light pink to white variety, with dark edges and lighter centers as the colorful bracts develop.
  • Luv U Pink is a new hybrid type of poinsettia with a wider cluster of tiny flowers in the centers surrounded by more, smaller bracts in brilliant pinks.
Stop in the tropicals greenhouse, just past the main staircase of the gift shop, to see all of our poinsettias and many more tropical blooming plants.  We just got in a new shipment of brilliantly colored bromeliads, holiday cactus, and many more!